The Most Influenceable Social Networks

The Most Influenceable Social Networks

81% of Internet users worldwide are users of a social networks. But, what are the most popular social networks?

Approximately 75% of Internet users use a social network on a weekly basis. All that network traffic goes to social apps. And the biggest part is taken by Facebook and Whatsapp with 38% of the total weekly traffic. Whatsapp is the one that takes the most amount hours, then it is very closely followed by Facebook.

The best rated social media app is Whatsapp, it is followed by YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. Between the most recognised social networks Google Plus (G +) comes the last one. This social network remains the third largest social network with registered users in Spain, but has the strongest SEO potential. Other well-known networks, like LinkedIn, are as well underrated, although among professionals is the most used.

Hours dedicated to social networks

The average dedicated hours to the big social networks is almost 3 hours per day, particularly 2h 57min. Of these, the highest average is hit again by the previously mentioned Whatsapp, with 50 minutes. The 2nd and 3rd place, are taken by Spotify and Facebook. With an average of 1 hour is YouTube, and with quite a distance comes Telegram, Instagram and Twitter. An interesting fact that stands out is that Pinterest shares almost the same dedicated time as G + (1h 49min. Vs 1h. 43min.), being antagonistic network. Does it have anything to do with adding Google Collections to G +?

The frequency in which these social networks are used, marks how the conversations traffic became in comparison to the previous years – more private. The so-called ‘Dark Social’. So who has more recurrence of visits? It turns out to be again Whatsapp, which tops the chart with 1st place, then it is followed by Instragam and Telegram. If we join the 1st and 3rd places, it is clear that the chats are orientated to closer circles, what is the biggest disadvantage for the large social networks. Facebook reduces its of use frequency by 15% and Twitter by 34%.

Which social networks are the most used to learn about Influencers or Brands?

The first place is going to Facebook, doubling its pursuer, which is Twitter, and tripling YouTube and Instagram. One relevant fact is that only 29% of users share or comment. An overwhelming 71% only views the message. A great data to obtain a greater efficiency and to maximise the efforts.

The data that generates greater interest and engagement tie in the top 3 positions, which are Telecommunications and Technology, Culture and Fashion.

And a great fact. For 65% of users, it doesn’t matter or change their degree of confidence if a brand has a profile or not on a social network. And that social networks contain advertising only affects 9% of users, since users don’t consider that social media is made for advertising. The simple majority, 51%, accept the ads in order to keep informed and to know news. A 44% of the users claim that ads don’t affect them in their navigation and 74% prefer them to be in ‘banner’ format. The most visited adds are Fashion, Travel, Leisure, Electronics, Health and Beauty. An excellent data for e-commerce.


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