How to grow your personal brand on Instagram?

How to grow your personal brand on Instagram?

Nobody is doubting anymore the potential that Instagram brings for online brands. A potential audience of 400 million users awaits you, where around 75% is located outside the United States. The platform, which has been bought by Facebook in 2012, has managed to add around 100 million new users since December 2014, mostly in Europe and Asia.

We will bring you 10 tips that will help you grow your brands identity on Instagram. To apply from scratch.


  1. Design your channel: Dedicate time for the creation of your Instagram account. Choose a logo, add a wit description that represents you and add your website’s url so that its always there and visible. Choose the @user carefully. Think of what you have that represents what you do. You can choose your personal name or one that’s easy to remember for others.


  1. Quality: If you don’t create good photos and videos your audience is going to be limited. We’re not speaking about taking photos with a professional camera and then uploading them to Instagram. We’re speaking about taking them with your phone, looking for ‘the other side’ of what else has photographed already. Search for the frame, the light and for that unique moment. And you will surely grow.


  1. Strategy: Plan your Instagram content. It’s a highly recommended action, extendible to every social network in which you’re present. Have it in your head when you armed with your phone go hunting for that unique moment. The pace of publication is important as well, go with between 1 and 2 a day. In general, there are two good moments to publish: first thing in the morning (between 8-10h) and second at night (between 20-22h). You can try other times of the day, see how the community reacts.


  1. Edit: If you upload an unedited photo or video, you put #infiles and ready. But if you’ve got to improve something, make sure you do it before you upload. It can be the differentiating element among the others. Try apps like Snapseed and VSCO.


  1. Style: You may not have it in the beginning, but the style will appear with time. You will see what types of photos you share, with which shades, what light, etc. With variations, you will reach a point where your photos or videos will get recognisable by other users.


  1. The correct hashtags: We all want maximum visibility for our content, but not at any price, and not always. When you start, look for the most powerful hashtags related to the photo and its geographic environment. You can upload up to 30 hashtags per photo? But later on when you’re growing reduce the amount of hashtags to a range between 5-10 hashtags.


  1. The structure: Every publication in Instagram has a title and comments section. In the title come up with a wit message. Text counts a lot. If you are more or less evocative you’ll get a bigger reach. In the title you should put 1 or 2 hashtags maximum. The rest should go to the comments section. This way if you’re sharing a post on other networks, they won’t all appear in the shared post.


  1. Manage: You need to manage all the comments that are made in all of your content. If someone takes is taking their time to do it, beyond the like, make sure you respond. Be original, try icons.


  1. Connect: Don’t just spend time on your profile. Give likes and leave comments that go with your style. Make your personal mark visible and the number of followers will grow.


  1. Salt of Instagram: All social networks have the option to share the content on other social platforms. And Instagram isn’t an exception. Share your content on Facebook and Twitter. Insert photos in a post on your blog. Everybody is going to see that you’ve got Instagram, and they will look for you.

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