How important is the number of followers in social networks?

How important is the number of followers in social networks?

We’ve been asked this question countless times, by all kinds of people and with all kinds of objectives: small and large degree ones.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions:

Is your brand popular with your audience?

How many users really know you?

How many people do you sell to?

We all want a large number of followers for numerous reasons, but its only valuable if we have the right people following us, not the right amount of people.

Imagine that we have a store and that 100,000 people pass by there every year. It would be great, right? It means that every day 273 people pass by. But what if, of all those people, only 1000 have an interest in what we sell. And of those 1000 only 50 people buy throughout the year. It means that we’ve in invested employees, time and many other expenses to cover all those 100,000 people, but only 50 of them have spent money.

On the other hand, imagine if only 1000 people pass through our store during the year, which is approximately 3 people a day but 2 of them buy each day, it would summarise that we sell to 730 people a year. That’s more than 50 people! right? This concludes to: it is not about quantity but about quality.

So yes, it does matter how many followers we’ve got in social media. We can’t sell if we don’t have followers. But equally if we have hundreds of followers, but who aren’t interested in our products then what is the point!?

The speed with which our audience grows also depends on the size of our brand. If we are new on the market, and we have to start by building your audience, we will not find in a sigh 10,000 followers. However, if we are a well-established brand with a good mailing database and/or a very popular business with stores in several places, it won’t take us long to gain a large amount of followers.

If we are a small brand, let’s not even try to compare ourselves with the big ones in our niche. The only thing we would do would be to stress the followers. So it would be better to focus on the quality of our audience. Entertain, educate and value the audience. Build the brand with an audience that really cares.

It may take time to get the 500 followers, then the 1000 but you will know they are of quality. Those huge figures mean nothing to your business goals. Be realistic if you want to see your followers grow right and think about long-term growth. Set a monthly goal, ‘I want to get a 10% increase’ this month, for example.

If you want to get good results, better focus on the following criteria, instead of just focusing on the number of followers:

  • Traffic from your website or social media conversion
  • Campaign Conversion
  • Engagement percentages
  • Click to your page
  • Mentions in social media
  • The times that your content or posts are shared

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