Biggest Social Networks In The World

Biggest Social Networks In The World

We bring you the biggest social networks worldwide:

Facebook (1,350 billion users.)

Little can be said about it what nobody knows. It is recognised by 100% of Internet users.

QZone (629 million)

And what the hell is this? As the largest social network in China, its mix between YouTube, Twitter and Blogging what makes it very attractive.

Google Plus (G +, 343 million)

Its great attraction is the SEO consequence that it brings. It takes 3rd place for the ‘if or if’ linkage of any Gmail account.

LinkedIn (332 million)

The largest network of ‘virtual networking’ in the world.

Instagram (300 million)

The engagement is generated by sharing photos, and especially if you have applied filters, makes it the centre of attention of the brands.

Twitter (284 million)

You may wonder that why is not in the top 3, but what makes it truly relevant is all the traffic that moves with fewer active users.

Tumblr (230 million)

It has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the young people, stuck during the booms of WordPress or Blogger.

Sina Weibo (157 million)

It mixes features of Facebook and Twitter, the most influential in China. Another network which is unknown but important if we look from the geographical point of view.

Vkontakte (100 million)

Very relevant because it is geographically limited, it only uses Russian as a vehicular language. If you have any commercial links with any brand in Russia, Belorussia or Ukraine you must get an account!

Snapchat (100 million)

What this app offers doesn’t offer anyone, and therefore and increase of users has been generated. Texts, images and videos that the user generates are deleted in the time frame. It is the best known among the youngest.


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